Olivia Newton John Topless On Page 3

As a rule, Billy's Page 3 Girls appear in the raw, butt naked, fully nude exposing everything they've got but getting big stars like Olivia Newton John to bare it all can sometimes be hard to do. Usually, we shoot them while they're still hungry and unknown and save our photos until they do it as the cost of getting shots of successful starlets can be too much to bear.

Such was the case when we negociated with Olivia's photographer so rather than see nothing at all we thought you might enjoy the beautiful star of Grease, Physical, Precious Love and Heart Attack topless on the lawn. After all, the 4 time Grammy winning granny still has what it takes and to get her to pose for any blog seems like a pretty big deal to us.

What? You thought you'd actually find nude photos of the real Olivia Newton John online? Get real, the chic's got class. Why I'd bet even John Revolting Travolta couldn't pull her top off.

Update: This just in! We have just learned that the person in the photograph isn't actually Olivia but is in fact her husband, Amazon John. Maybe couples do start to look alike as they get older.