Billy's Page 3 Girls Are Moving...

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Mimi Daraphet, Page 3 Girl

This week’s all nude page three girl is none other than the beautiful Mimi Daraphet, AKA: Bultar Swan. A resident of Sydney, Australia, and graduate of architecture from the University of NSW, Miss. Swan is right at home displaying her plumage in front of the camera. Seen here, bare of her light saber and stripped of all her weapons, Bultar hardly looks like the Jedi warrior she played in the movie, Star Wars, but make no doubt this hottie can do what comes natural just as quickly as any chic in the pond.

Doesn’t she look cute surrounded in green slime?

To learn more about Miss. Swan, point your browser towards her unoffical homepage where you'll finds lots of hot Jedi action shots.

Haji on Page 3

Hydra Heifer On Page 3

Watch out guys! The Double D Avenger, Haji as Hydra Heffer, is on Page 3 this week. I really must admit the staff really went out of their way, out into the field, for this week’s Page 3 Girl.

And to think, those magazines across the pond think they’ve got the hottest Page 3 Girls. Go figure. Hydra Heffer, Page 3 Girl.

Hydra Heffer, Page 3 Girl With her superstar friends like Pirate Juggs and Ooga Boobies playing the evil strippers, it’s hardly a wonder the guys are lining up for the spankings (I didn’t have to make that part up.) Talk about the confessions of a sexy supervixen. Now if only we could get some photos of Chastity Knott, then we’d be making movies ourselves.