Kelly Ann Page Nude On Page 3

That's right folks, another Billy's Page 3 Girls exclusive nude page 3 girl exposes herself to the world.

Famous for smearing food all over the topless body of Lindsay Freeman, Kelly Ann is shown here all tartared up with pure cream from a tin all the way from New York City. The Young Lady Chatterley's heavy duty maid was no doubt made to stand the test of time and is holding up well despite many years on the spice girl's shelf.


Lauralee Bug Bell-- Page 3 Girl

Proving once again to be one of the young and the restless, Lauralee Bug Bell has been caught by Billy's Page 3 Girls' cameras doing the naked hump boogie on a park bench with none other than Bug Hall, the child star who's no longer doing it solitaire over some cold case from the OC.

Maybe the price is right but one has to wonder if this intimate portrait might start a family feud the likes of which might even give Walker, Texas Ranger, a dose of reality the little rascals might think strong medicine.

Supermodel Adriana Lima Nude

Once again, Billy's Page 3 Girls gives you the best Page 3 Girls, like Adriana Lima who has graced not only the runways but also the catalogs of Victoria's Secret, Guess?, Armani, and XOXO, and as covergirl for Harper's Bazaar and ELLE. Of course, while all those guys were busy dressing her up, here on page 3 we're undressing the lovely Miss Lima.

Recently Adriana Lima was named the 2007 Hottest Girl On The Planet award presented by Guy's Choice and in 2006 she was named to the Forbes Celebrity 100 list,

And believe me when I tell you I'll never again have to be told to eat my beans.