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BBC's Judy Swallow Bares All As Page 3 Girl

Could it really be true, Judy Swallow, the lovely Judy Swallow of BBC Radio, a Page 3 Girl barely covered in an all natural state on Billy's Page 3 Girls? And why not, her fame spreads far and wide on both sides of the bloody pond, doesn’t it?

I’ve really got to hand it to the staff here at Billy's Page 3 Girls as getting Judy Swallow, star of the BBC World Service, to take-off for an American audience is a first since she was a teenager in Massachusetts.

Remember: The hottest chicks are on Billy's Page 3 Girls. Now, that and a few hundred thousand pounds should get the lawsuit dropped.

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Sheryl Crow, Nude Page 3 Girl

Sorry the sensors made Sheryl Crow fly here.