Billy's Page 3 Girls Are Moving...

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Jessica Rabbit Nude-- Page Three Girl

This week’s Page Three Girl is none other than the sexiest cartoon alive, Jessica Rabbit, wife of Roger Rabbit. In the frame shown here, Jessica is doing some grass after having been in the bush. I have to say she looks amazingly healthy for a cartoon. Look at those legs, will you? And that tail...

This sure ain't no Cadbury bunny, this bunny is one hot chic! Having been a one hit wonder in the adult film industry, Jessica now spends her time keeping Roger hopping and posing in nothing but tiny furs for any photographer who happens to catch her hopping around. I’ve no doubt that Jessica will be fondly remembered by millions of men all over the world for the sexy roll she played as the temptress man nor rabbit could ever forget. But does anyone remember who framed Roger Rabbit?


Alex Borstein, Hot Chick On Page 3

This week’s hot page three girl is none other than the drop dead gorgeous Alex Borstein, AKA: Alexandrea Borstein, AKA: Miss. Swan of MadTv.

Ms. Borstein starred in Kicking & Screaming, Catwoman, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Showtime, Coyote Ugly, and more. She was also one of the original Gilmore Girls.

Rather than appear in the nude as most of our models prefer to do, the unassuming yet still sexy, Miss. Swan is seen relaxing in her tight black swimsuit near the edge of a pond, enjoying the soft grass and warm sun. Wouldn't you like to be the one who strokes and preens her feathers?

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